How Long Does It Take to Grow a Moustache?

I was lied to. When I was a teenager, the adults around me repeatedly told me that the more I shave, the thicker and faster it would grow back. This was a lie.

If I had to guess, the lie probably came from people marketing waxing strips as an alternative to women, but it was a convenient message to help sell razors to young men. After all, all I wanted as a kid was to look like a man. A man with a fantastic beard or moustache to show how much of a man I was.

The truth is, regardless of how often you shave, the thickness of and speed of your hair growth is predominantly dictated by genetics. Bad news for the wispy-facial-haired boys like the younger me. Good news for everyone else. 

Facial hair grows at an almost universal rate of about one-quarter-inch per month. 

Taking this into consideration, how long does facial hair need to be before you can consider it a visible moustache? 

It takes about two weeks to grow enough facial hair to consider a moustache dependant on hair colour. 

How long does it take to grow a handlebar moustache? 

It takes about two months of growth in order to grow a handlebar moustache or imperial Moustache. This will give you enough length to shape your moustache into ringlets. In order to tame the ringlets into place, you will need moustache wax

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