How to Apply Moustache Wax

I’ve had a lot of questions recently on how to use moustache wax, and I thought the best way to address this was with a step by step guide. 

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Step 1: Heat It Up

Moustache Wax is mostly just that; Wax. Wax is hard at room temperature but will sufficiently soften when a low heat is applied for more that 10 minutes.
The best way of doing this is simple, pop it in your back pocket.

Step 2: Out of the Pot

What you are looking to achieve at this stage is a small amount of wax, the size of a grain of rice, scraped out of the moustache wax tin using the nail of your thumb.

Step 3: Between the Fingers

Once you have the wax on the nail of your thumb, use your other thumb to push the wax between the inside of the two. Rub your thumbs together to create friction, heating the wax as you go. 

Once the wax is heated up, separate the thumbs and rub the wax between your index finger and thumb on each hand. 

Step 4: Middle - Out 

You are now ready to bring the wax to your moustache. 

Working from the centre of your moustache outwards, try to achieve even coverage across your moustache.

It's a matter of personal preference if you would like to use a comb at this stage to help evenly distribute the wax. For me, using a comb really feels like it it makes no difference. 

Step 5: Curl. Don’t Twist. 

The simple rule for those looking to achieve a handlebar moustache or imperial moustache is “Curl, Don’t Twist”.

Bend the hair at either end without twisting the hair around itself. By following this simple rule, you will prevent adding unnecessary tension to the root of the hair, which causes the hair to pull out. You don't want to have to re-grow a moustache especially with how long it takes to grow a moustache

Step 6: Let It Set

In step one, we discussed applying heat to high-wax/low-coco-butter moustache waxes. We established that wax is hard at room temperature. Having applied heat during step one and friction in step two, you should now wait for the wax cool down, giving you an all-day hold.  


Learning to style your moustache takes practice. There are going to be times when it feels like your moustache just won't hold it's shape. For me the frustration was never in the mirror when fixing my moustache, it was on-the-go. I would look at photos people had taken of me or see myself in the reflection of a window and realise my moustache just wasn't holding the way I wanted it to. This is why I created the strong moustache wax The Quick Brown Fox. I recommend this wax to anyone who's with disobedient facial hair. 


- Luke 

Why take my advice? I am a man with a moustache. 


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