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What is an Imperial Moustache?

What is an Imperial Moustache? An imperial moustache is a type of facial hair that is characterised by its long, full, and upward-curving shape. It is similar to a handlebar moustache, but it is typically longer and more triangular in shape, with the tips of the moustache extending outward and upward. Imperial moustaches were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and were often associated with military officers and other dignified, authoritative figures. Today, the imperial moustache remains a classic facial hair style that is still worn by many men around the world. To achieve this look, men typically use moustache wax or other grooming products to shape and hold the moustache in place. The History of the Imperial...

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The History of Moustache

The history of moustache is, of course, a history of a men's hair trends, fads, fashions and, perhaps more peculiarly, tax laws.  Over the last week, I have set out to compile a list of the most important moments in the history of the moustache. After all, if we don't learn from the history of the moustache, we're doomed to repeat the history of the moustache. 

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