When to Start Using Moustache Wax

Much like growing out the hair on the top of your head, when growing facial hair there will be “the awkward stage”. For the moustache grower, this is the stage between stubble and one centimetre of growth on the upper lip. It is at this critical stage that most men decided to give up. This may be because they feel they do not have adequate follicles or coverage, or that their hair is too thin. All too often, they’re just days away from waking up with the dream moustache.

Don’t give up my friend. The moustache dream is closer to realisation than you think. 

Depending on the type of moustache you are growing, there are two times you should be fist conjuring using moustache wax

When the Centre Grows Over Your Top Lip

This is the stage a which you should first be considering using moustache wax for practical reasons. Many men get annoyed that their facial hair is uncomfortable on the lip and choose to trim back their moustache. 

Don’t trim it at this stage, use moustache wax to sweep aside your moustache. 

If in doubt; grow it out.

You need to allow your hair to grow past the point that it irritates your top lip. 

When the Ends Are Long Enough to Curl 

When the hair is long enough to curl (usually about a centimetre long) is the first stage you should consider using moustache wax for stylistic reasons. 

Depending on the style of moustache you’re aiming for, applying moustache wax to the end of your moustache will allow you to curl or bunch together your hair. This will give you the handlebar moustache look. 

If you are going for a more conservative, natural or imperial moustache look, this is your opportunity to add volume and tame fly-aways. 

TLDR; You should start using moustache wax either when the hair begins to overgrow your top lip, or when your moustache is about a centimetre in length and long enough to style.