Why Use Moustache Wax?

What is Moustache Wax Used For?

Holding a Moustache in Shape

Moustache wax is used primarily for its ability to hold facial hair in place. This is done by heating up the wax, applying it evenly throughout the moustache, teasing the hair into position and allowing the wax to cool down and strengthen. 

For men with ridged styles such as the handlebar moustache, moustache wax hold the structural integrity of the ringlet on either side.

For lighter styles, such as the natural look, the imperial moustache or the walrus moustache, the moustache wax works to prevent flyaways and stray hairs or to prevent the moustache from protruding into the mouth while eating or drinking. 

Adding Texture or Volume

As well as holding the moustache in place, moustache wax can be used to add texture or volume to the moustache making the moustache thicker in appearance. 

Improving Water Resistance 

Hard-setting moustache waxes such as The Quick Brown Fox can help a moustache maintain its shape in the rain or even when swimming. 

Smelling Good

Part of having a longer moustache is inevitably getting drinks such as coffee or small amounts of food in the moustache. While you can always wipe it away with a serviette or handkerchief, the last thing you want is a strong scent to remain on your face all day long. As such moustache waxes are typically lightly scented. 

Are There Alternatives to Moustache Wax?

There are alternatives to moustache wax. For holding a moustache in shape you could use all manner of hair care products, however, unlike some products, moustache wax is not chemically intrusive and won’t taste bad if it gets in your mouth. 

For scent, you could use beard oil or another type of balm. 

Are There Different Types of Moustache Wax?

Yes. You can find out more about the different types of moustache wax and how to apply them in our blog How to Apply Moustache Wax.

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