The Quick Brown Fox Moustache Wax
The Quick Brown Fox Moustache Wax
The Quick Brown Fox Wax
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The Quick Brown Fox Moustache Wax

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The hunt is over for the best moustache wax.

In its own small way, The Quick Brown Fox Moustache Wax is quite the innovation.

It’s made from a unique mixture of black, white and yellow organic beeswax mixed with coconut butter. (As far as we know, the first of its kind.)

As a result, it provides all of the structural strength of a high-wax/low-butter solution with the texture and bounce of a high-butter/low-wax alternative.

But hold isn’t the only advantage. The Quick Brown Fox is made, as with all UrbanFox.Club products, with locally sourced ingredients from the UK, meaning the freshness of your wax is guaranteed. 

Rest assured it hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse half the world away for the last year, before covering more air miles than your last three holidays combined. It goes straight from us to you.

Last but not least; the scent. The Quick Brown Fox has a unique and subtle fragrance of Sandalwood with vanilla overtones. Scent is something we know we have to get right. After all, this goes right under your nose all day.


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