How to grow a Handlebar Moustache

I'm always surprised at the number of people who ask me how to grow a moustache. To me, it seemed obvious. However, in retrospect, there are a few things I wish someone had told me before I started growing mine. So here are the basics.


Grow It Out. 

Stop shaving your upper lip. This sound super obvious but there is no truer statement than this. 

You cannot grow a moustache if you continually trim it to keep it tidy. Just like growing out the hair on your head, there are going to be “in-between stages” where your moustache looks untidy.

Grow it wild, then tame it. 

By the way, shaving it doesn't make it come back thicker. That's a serious lie made up by marketing companies. 

Leave It On The Lip 

I get it. You don’t like your moustache going in your mouth and irritating your lips. But unless you want to be the owner of a moustache-mullet (long on the sides, short in the middle), you need to let it grow to a stage you can style it away from your lip.

This is without a doubt the number one mistake made by people who are growing out a moustache for the first time. Don’t be another statistic.

And yes, I made this mistake. It looked dreadful. 


Split ends. You will have them. Your moustache won’t grow out perfectly layered. Personally, I recommend not trimming at all for the first year. In year two, trim your rings to make even them out at the end. Do this while your hair is dry and in shape. Identify any hairs that are significantly longer than others and trim them down to the desired length. I recommend only doing this once a month at most. 

If in doubt, grow it out. 

Condition The Hair

Moustache dandruff if a problem you may get if you don’t correctly care for the hair on your face. Use a shampoo specifically designed for beards as often as you would for the hair on your head. I would also recommend using a very sparing amount of beard oil - one or two tiny drops will do it. This will not only keep your moustache smelling good and looking but also help with growth.

Hair grows better on healthy skin. 

Use a Little Wax 

Nature is messy but human beings like order. Moustache wax gives your facial hair structure. It creates the illusion of structure from chaos. 

A little goes a long way. Buy a small pot of moustache wax, leave it in your pocket to heat up for ten to 20 minutes. Use your nail to get an amount of wax similar to two grains of rice out of the tin. Rub the wax between your fingers and gently pull your hair from your face to the ends of the hair into the shape you desire. 

I designed The Quick Brown Fox Moustache Wax when I realised I couldn’t find a wax that met my needs; an all-day hold for thick facial hair that didn’t look wet or flakey. Being that this is my blog; I’m bias, but I recommend you give that one a try. If not I hope you find what’s right for your hair type and enjoy growing an awesome moustache.


- Luke 

Why take my advice? I am a man with a moustache. 


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