Wholesale & White Label Moustache Wax Made In The UK

Whether you are looking custom formulate a moustache wax based on your recipe, buy urbanfox.club moustache waxes in bulk, or start a white label moustache wax business; we can help you save money and time by buying wholesale from the manufacturer - us. 

Here at urbanfox.club we've frequently been requested to white label our products for barbershops and third-party brands and we'd like to extend an invitation to you. 

Simple get in touch using the contact form on our contact page and let us know how much you need, and we can take it from there. 

Wholesale pricing on white label moustache waxes and urbanfox.club "Quick Brown Fox" is standardised. Each shipment comes in multiples of 15ml containers. 

 (Minimum) 200 Units  £2 per unit
500 units  £1.90 per unit
1000 units £1.80 per unit
1500 units+ £1.50 per unit

(Price exclude inter-UK shipping cost) 

Containers and formula can be adjusted at cost. 

Labelling service negotiable.

Contact Us for more details.